• The great artist is the simplifier.

    - Henri-Frédéric Amiel

    Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

    - Aristotle

  • Who We Are

    Excellence is our overarching objective at eMatrix Knowledge Solutions. Our approach is to identify, appreciate or accept the bare fact – whether it is about deconstructing a complex problem or a fact about our own inadequacy or a faulted logic.

    Our radical process orientation and fanatic obsession with documentation dovetails seamlessly with practical innovation. Innovative audacity is encouraged while being cognizant that independent thinking often creates intense disagreement and innovation includes multitude of mistakes on the way.

    At eMatrix Knowledge Solutions, challenging anybody’s premise is not rude. Keep questioning till one is completely convinced is not volunteering courage. It’s a duty, bound by an unwritten social contract. We question our logic. Amend our logic if it fails the litmus test. Apply the logic as generically as possible; make exceptions only when strongly merited. Then it is baked into a process and documented.

    This helped us in becoming an impactful thought partner to our customers and has vastly improved the quality of engagement, and even the quality of disagreement with our customers.

    Our real history is not about the chronology of growth milestones. It is about our self-expansion from a process-perfect service provider to a solution-oriented innovation partner, without losing any of the elements on the way.